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Postponement of the Annual General Meeting

Due to the special regulations and official measures currently in force to contain the spread of the coronavirus, Warimpex’s Management Board has decided to postpone this year’s Annual General Meeting, presumably until autumn 2020. The Annual General Meeting was originally scheduled for 20 May 2020, but as of now it does not appear that it will be possible to conduct the meeting in a professional manner that is also safe for all of the participants at that time. As a result, the resolution regarding the appropriation of the net profit for 2019 will also be delayed.

Warimpex fully adheres to and supports the official regulations and expert recommendations aimed at containing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The postponement of the Annual General Meeting is intended to contribute to this. A new date and the procedures for conducting the postponed Annual General Meeting will be announced in a timely manner. Warimpex would like to thank its shareholders for their understanding of the necessity of this extraordinary measure.


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