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4 questions for: Urszula Tarasiewicz

© UlaTara

When did you first start to work with Warimpex?

My cooperation with Warimpex began years ago, at the andel’s Hotel in Łódź. I became an exhibition producer at andel’s Art. We had a thriving art gallery there. It was a meeting place for the local artistic community. Warimpex accumulated an art collection there of approximately 300 objects.

What projects are you currently working on with Warimpex?

Currently, I am a curator at the art gallery in the Ogrodowa8 Office building, in Łódź, Poland, which has been operating since 2019. The gallery Ogrodowa8 focuses on the medium of photography. We exhibit a lot of documentary projects and invite photo journalists to give lectures about their work and creativity. We cooperate with the Festival of Photography in Łódź and we present young and well-known artists. 

What are the highlights of the collaboration so far?

Part of my cooperation with Warimpex is the interior design of coworking spaces and offices. I care about their inspiring appearance, and I am delighted to be able to exhibit art from young artists, whether it's graphics, murals or photographs to decorate these office spaces. This gives me great satisfaction. Gutang Clan, Tope, Hakobo, Obiektor are some of the artists I particularly love to work with. An important project that was presented in the Ogrodowa8 gallery is Peter Bauza's "Copacabana Palace". It came 3rd in the 2017 World Press Photo Contest. It is a unique photo document, shot beautifully, of the residents of an abandoned housing project, where the photographer spent months to be able to honestly portray life there.

Why is art in offices and hotels so important? 

The interior design and art that surrounds us is the hallmark of offices and hotels. It tells us about our aspirations, tastes and interests. It introduces an unreal, magical element. Art in public spaces stimulates our imagination, inspires, and makes us wonder and reflect. Art in hotels and offices shows our commitment to provide people who are staying there with new impressions.


Featured artists: Gutang ClanTopeUla TaraGregor GonsiorPeter BauzaLaura JerzakMaciej Walczak      


© UlaTara, Gregor Gonsior Typography at Ogrodowa8
© UlaTara, GutangClan & Tope Mural at M35 Office
© UlaTara, Peter Bauza Exhibition at Ogrodowa8 Gallery
© UlaTara, Walczak & Ula Tara Art at M35 Office
© UlaTara, Ula Tara & Jerzak Art at M35
© UlaTara, Ula Tara Art at M35 Office


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