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4 questions for: Andrzej Pudełko

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What are the benefits of coworking spaces?/What are the most important aspects of a productive coworking space?

There are many benefits to using coworking spaces. First of all, there is flexibility. Clients do not have to commit long-term and are not bound to contracts for several years. Coworking offers various membership options such as hot desks, dedicated desks or serviced offices. Since different companies from different industries use coworking spaces, it is a great place to make new contacts and form collaborations. It's basically a networking tool. For companies, it also saves costs. Clients only pay for their own space and don't have to worry about bills for electricity, water, cleaning service, etc., as everything is included in their monthly rent and they receive one invoice. Other reasons that clients find coworking spaces convenient are that they don’t have to concern themselves with reception services, office beverages or printing materials. The office management takes care of all these facilities and ensures that all necessary office supplies are replenished regularly. Coworking spaces are designed to promote creativity and productivity, so they are divided into different zones and offer fast Wi-Fi.


What makes a flexible office space?

The first aspect that affects the flexibility of coworking spaces is the duration of the lease. Unlike traditional office leases, coworking spaces also offer agreements such as monthly rentals or using a hot desk for only one day. Clients don't have to commit to a long-term, complicated contract. The layout of the office also affects flexibility. Clients can use all areas of the office as needed. Coworking spaces also allow their clients to scale their office space. When a company grows and needs more space in their office, there is no problem  exchanging it for a larger one.


Would you say that a coworking space encourages collaboration?

Yes, definitely! This is influenced by all the values that were discussed earlier, such as flexibility, the opportunity to meet new people from different industries, and the convenience that coworking offers. However, I also believe that what is important in such a place is the atmosphere created by people. It is something so unique and important in such a place. And as I mentioned, people create the atmosphere, so it is important to choose the right people to manage the coworking space. People who understand the culture of the place and want to do something great. We also try to organize various events, educational workshops, and entertainment events for our coworking tenants so that everyone can integrate. It is important to create your own community. A friendly atmosphere definitely makes it easier to work and encourages people to spend time in this place.


Can you see a trend increase in coworking spaces?

Yes, I see a growing trend in coworking spaces. The popularity of such places has been steadily increasing in the larger cities around Poland and all over the world, and are well sought-after by freelancers, medium-sized companies, and corporations alike. I think this is due to all the benefits I mentioned earlier. Traditional leasing is becoming less cost-effective compared to flexible coworking rentals. The bookings at our locations in Krakow and Lodz are increasing every single month, therefore I believe that this market will continue to develop in the coming years.


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