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4 questions for: Jerzy Krogulec

The InterContinental Warsaw's 20th Anniversary Celebration is approaching. Take us back to when it all began. When and how was the project first initiated?

One evening, many years ago, I was sitting at a concert in the legendary jazz club “Akwarium”, which was located on the plot of land that the Hotel is situated on today. I remember thinking that such a location would be ideal for a 5-star-hotel. We already owned the neighbouring plot, and in 1998 we had the opportunity to secure this plot of land too. The construction started in 2001 and was completed in 2003.

From an idea to one of Warsaw’s landmark buildings; what is its secret to success? What distinguishes this project from others?

The hotel's location is one of the project's greatest strengths. Its modern design blends perfectly with its surroundings, creating a recognisable element of Warsaw's skyline. It is a place where construction meets luxury and comfort is elevated to the highest level. One of the Hotel's biggest attractions is the River View Wellness Centre, located on the 43rd floor, and which includes the highest situated swimming pool in the country. The rooms at the Hotel InterContinental Warsaw guarantee a spectacular view of the city skyline. Particularly the suites, with a view of the Palace of Culture and Science, which guarantee a unique visual experience while impressing with their luxurious setting. Another major advantage of the Hotel is the continuously great organisation of workflow in all areas and all levels of the Hotel. Upon entering the building, you immediately feel that you are in a special place.

How did the unusual and now-famous shape of the building come to pass?

InterContinental Warsaw is indebted to Tadeusz Spychała, who created the project together with a group of architects. From the start, the design of the Hotel was in line with the standards and regulations at the time. There was a little concern regarding access to sunlight for the neighbouring apartment block. So a clever change was made to the original design: the now famous “gap” was added between the 5th and the 20th floor, thus providing adequate sunlight for the neighbouring block.

What was the greatest obstacle during this project?

The neglected infrastructure around the building was quite the challenge, as well as the sheer magnitude of the project and the introduction of new technology. In the end we managed to resolve and overcome it all and erected a structure that has become one of Warsaw’s landmark buildings.

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