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3 questions for: Jerzy Krogulec

How is the office market developing in Poland - especially in Łódź? 

The office market in Poland is developing very dynamically. Last year a record in terms of supply and demand for office space was reached. The growing demand is mainly due to the fact, that the employment rate has increased, especially in the business services sector. More than half of the nearly 2 million sqm of space currently under construction is located at regional markets outside the Polish capital, such as Krakow and Łódź, where Warimpex is developing two modern office buildings. Łódź, with its central location and excellent public transportation possibilities, is currently one of the fastest growing office markets in the country. New investments in the city attract many international companies,looking for a good location for their new offices.

What are the highlights of the Ogrodowa Office project?

The architectural assumption of the office building project was to create a modern building that would simultaneously refer to the historical development of Łódź. The Ogrodowa Office facade reflects the historical division of the parcels and refers to the architectural styles of the old tenement houses. A pedestrian passage with cafes and restaurants on the ground floor of the building refers to the typical courtyards inside the tenement houses. One of the biggest advantages of the building is its central location next to the icons of the city, such as Palace of Izrael Poznanski, Piotrkowska Street and the Manufaktura shopping complex.

What makes Łódź such a special city? What are your personal highlights and tips?

Łódź is a city with quite extraordinary history and is a great example of the post-industrial revitalisation success story, often compared to Manchester or Rotterdam. Once famous for its textile industry, it is now well-known for its film school and street art all over the city. The best place for an overnight stay is definitely andel’s Hotel Łódź, a former weaving mill rebuilt by Warimpex into a modern hotel with unique architecture and design, enriched with Polish contemporary art works. To taste some delicious cuisine influenced by the multiculturality of Łódź, I recommend a visit to the Kretschmer Restaurant – their menu is based on flavours crafted from the cuisine of the four prevalent communities for whom Łódź was home: Polish, German, Russian and Jewish. Łódź has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years and we are happy to be contributing to the changing face of this vibrant city.


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