Investor Relations

Welcome to the Investor Relations section of Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG. Since our IPO in 2007, we have maintained open and proactive communication with our investors in order to learn of their wishes and needs so that we can make the right decisions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Daniel Folian

Deputy Chairman & CFO

Investment Case

5 good reasons why it is worth investing in Warimpex:

  1. A long track record of developing and selling real estate as part of portfolio development
  2. A highly diversified portfolio by region (Poland, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Austria) and asset (offices and hotels)
  3. Synergies from business activities as a real estate developer and asset manager
  4. A management team with more than 40 years of experience in the CEE real estate market
  5. Ensuring transparency through external valuations

Key financial data

in EUR ’000 2020 Change 2019
Investment Properties revenues 20,604 4% 19,861
Hotels revenues 3,607 -64% 9,987
Development and Services revenues 1,449 -19% 1,794
Total revenues25,660-19%31,641
Expenses directly attributable to revenues -11,288 -20% -14,169
Gross income from revenues14,371-18%17,473
Gains or losses from the disposal of properties 28,934
EBITDA 2,979 -90% 29,858
Depreciation, amortisation, and remeasurement -10,666 14,868
EBIT -7,687 44,726
Earnings from joint ventures -4,858 3,585
Financial result -21,426 25,756
Profit or loss for the period (annual result) -31,119 66,505
Profit or loss for the period (shareholders of the parent) -29,691 61,472
Net cash flow from operating activities 2,463 -41
Equity and liabilities 320,665 -10% 356,559
Equity 108,792 -31% 157,068
Equity ratio 34% -10 pp 44%
Number of shares 54,000,000 54,000,000
Earnings per share in EUR -0.57 1.16
Number of treasury shares on 31 December 1,939,280 405,023 1,534,257
Number of hotels 4 4
Number of rooms (adjusted for proportionate share of ownership) 796 796
Number of office and commercial properties 8 8
Lettable office space (adjusted for proportionate share of ownership) 92,800 m² 92,800 m²
m² with sustainability certificates (adjusted for proportionate share of ownership) 40,000 m² 40,000 m²
Segment information (including joint ventures on a proportionate basis):
Investment Properties revenues 24,383 2% 24,015
Investment Properties EBITDA 16,488 2% 16,170
Hotels revenues 7,483 -80% 37,545
Net operating profit (NOP) -1,909 9,114
NOP per available room in EUR -2,784 13,395
Development and Services revenues 1,449 -35% 2,241
Gains or losses from the disposal of properties 28,934
Development and Services EBITDA -8,693 16,355
Average number of employees in the Group 201 -35% 311
Gross asset value (GAV) in EUR millions 301.8 -9% 333.3
Net asset value (NAV) in EUR millions 128.4 -28% 178.8
NAV per share in EUR 2.46 -28% 3.41
End-of-period share price in EUR 1.15 -32% 1.63

Corporate Governance

As a listed real estate company, Warimpex is committed to responsible and transparent corporate governance. Through the development and management of real estate, Warimpex shapes the environment in social, ecological and economic terms. This influence entails a high degree of responsibility, which is understood and accepted as an integral part of the corporate culture, but also as a central pillar of success.

Warimpex is committed to both the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance (ÖCGK) and the Polish "Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016".