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Celebrating 15 years at the Vienna and Warsaw Stock Exchanges

One of the biggest milestones of our company was the IPO in Vienna and Warsaw. Due to the emerging dynamics of the real estate markets in Central and Eastern Europe the right time had come to go public. After a strong financial year of 2006, Warimpex completed its IPO on the Vienna Stock Exchange on the 26th of January 2007. Three days later, on the 29th of January, the listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange followed. Since then, Warimpex has been listed on the Prime Markets of the Vienna and Warsaw Stock Exchanges. With an initial volume of approximately 10 million shares, the total number of shares has risen to 54 million in the past 15 years as a result of continued demand.

Thanks to the widespread capital base, it is possible for us to permanently take advantage of new opportunities, to develop our projects in the best possible way and to meet the highest demands on the real estate market. Our diversified portfolio of office and hotel assets as well as development projects in Poland, Hungary, Russia, Germany and Austria contributes significantly to our success. Warimpex is characterized, above all, by long-term oriented action, short decision-making processes and strong relationships with our partners. More than 60 years of business experience, 40 of them for hotel and office investments in CEE and Russia, show that we are ready and prepared for any challenge.


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