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3 questions for: Liliana Nelska, actress and interpreter

© Petro Domenigg/FILMSTILLS.AT

You are an actress as well as an interpreter – what is your connection to Warimpex? How come you know this company so well?

There are some friendships that have somehow “always existed”, meaning that they started such a long time ago that you find it hard to remember when you actually met for the first time. Not because this first meeting was so unimportant, but because at the time you were not aware of its significance nor of its “aftereffects”. 

In the case of Warimpex and me that memorable event took place in 1988, and initially it was simply a business relationship. Actually, it was not quite so simple at all, because we met in the context of the official visit the legendary mayor of Vienna, Dr. Helmut Zilk paid to Poland, and I had the pleasure of accompanying him as his interpreter. Fortunately, the mayor decided to take part in the topping-out ceremony for one of Warimpex’s first investments in Poland – which laid the foundations for our friendship. 

Whenever important Austrian politicians visited Poland or attended similar events – Warimpex was there. And – well – I happened to be there too. Over time, what was initially a simple business relationship turned into friendship. This is something extraordinary and does not happen too often. As a young interpreter I was therefore very honoured and flattered that it happened to me, that I was indeed accepted as a member of the “Warimpex family”. 

Only one year later, in 1989, I was entrusted with organising the opening ceremony of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Warsaw – a very demanding task, where I could demonstrate my practical skills as event-organiser and my artistic abilities as moderator of the event. Many of the guests still remember the original “Heuriger” (Viennese wine tavern) stall, the 400 pieces of fresh apple strudel, flown in from Vienna on the same evening, and the unforgettable midnight performance by opera singer Heinz Holecek.  

For the sake of brevity, I could only mention just a few examples. But I would like to take this opportunity to thank Warimpex, namely Dr. Franz Jurkowitsch, for the numerous other opportunities to work for and celebrate (or play golf…) with Warimpex.

In your opinion, what is special about Warimpex?

In a nutshell, it is the ability to retain, motivate and inspire partners, employees and friends – to maintain and foster long-lasting relationships, partnerships and friendships.

What would you choose as Warimpex’ top development over all the years and why?

For me the most outstanding Warimpex development is doubtlessly the wonderful Hotel andel’s in Łódź with its unique post-industrial architecture and the building’s skilful conversion into a top hotel.


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